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Our Take on Cruise is a video series that shares the insights & the inner workings of the cruise industry. Shannon McKee and Roger Blum co-host these fun and fast-moving short videos. If you ever wanted to work “IN” or “WITH” the cruise industry, then you have come to the right place. It's a Behind the Scenes look at the world of cruise. You’ll hear the inside scoop on the players, politics, destinations and current events.

Roger & Shannon are the industry experts who can help you navigate the cruise industry. Cruising is a multi-billion dollar industry that everyone sees as FUN & SEXY. And it is! With many years of experience both onboard and ashore, we know how it all fits together. So, if you want to break through the water-tight doors, then join them weekly as they discuss the business side of the industry in informative, yet light-hearted, short and sweet segments!

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