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Roger Blum - Principal

As a veteran in the cruise industry, Roger spent 30 years at Carnival Cruise Lines successfully managing cost containment, port operations, shore excursions, guest satisfaction, entertainment, onboard revenue and new ship start-ups.

Blum’s career at Carnival began when, as an Economics major at the University of Florida, he worked on ships during his vacations. Roger started as a bar waiter and during his 20 years at sea held shipboard management positions as Shore Excursion Manager, Chief Purser and Hotel Manager, responsible for all onboard hotel systems. It was during these years he gained his first-hand knowledge of ports, ship operations, and all aspects of the cruise experience.

Blum came ashore and spent many years in various vice president positions, responsible for hotel operations, port operations, shore excursions and entertainment. During this period, he worked with itinerary planning, was responsible for negotiating incentive, home port and terminal agreements, as well as all shore excursions. He also developed onboard programming and entertainment that made the Fun Ships famous. He has formed Cruise and Port Advisors, Inc., with the goal of helping ports, destinations, tour operators and technology companies tailor their products and market their services to meet the needs of cruise lines and their passengers.

It’s his experience in all facets of the cruise industry that allows him to help decision makers streamline their operation and ultimately maximize their profits. As an active member of the Florida Caribbean Cruise Association, and a well known figure within the cruise industry, Blum has access and the respect of the industry’s top executives.

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